commercial cladding oxfordshire

Commercial Cladding Oxfordshire

For our commercial customers we are able to provide a professional roof and wall cladding refurbishment service. This service provides the opportunity to upgrade the insulation of any commercial building and create a new weather-tight covering. This can be achieved by replacing the whole roof or wall with a composite panel, or a built-up cladding system, or - where appropriate over-cladding the existing roofs & walls.

Our team have many years worth of experience in providing high quality commercial cladding and refurbishment services. If you are interested in having cladding or a full refurbishment carried out by BR Group then our expert team can arrange to come and visit your site and provide you with an onsite survey.

Once our team have undertaken the survey we will then be able to highlight any roofing issues, including exterior cladding, interior cladding and wall cladding. Once we have done this our team will then work with you to develop a bespoke solution based upon your requirements and budget.



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